Greek coffee Negro

Our coffee company has fifty years of tradition and experience in the preparation of Greek coffee. In our store, the Negro coffee is available freshly roasted and ground maintaining its rich flavor until it reaches your cup.

Part of the Greek culture

The Greek coffee ranks first among the choices of Greek people. It is inextricably associated with the Greek culture and is synonymous to the expression of hospitality, being a traditional treat in every Greek home.


Origins and history

The Greek coffee is no other than the Arabic coffee, which was introduced to the Greeks during the period of Ottoman Empire. The Greek word “καφές”, which stands for coffee, derives from the word «kawah», which in Arabic means «power».
In order to satisfy every palate, our company supplies all types of coffee. In our store, you may find espresso and filter coffee in beans, which are ground at the moment of order, instant coffee and a great variety of packaged coffees.

Our coffee shop provides special airtight packaging for shipping!

Take with you the aroma and harmonious taste of Negro coffee!

Our coffee products
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  • Dark blend Negro
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  • traditional coffee pots
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  • Espresso coffee makers in a wide variety of sizes and colours
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